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Individual Cluster Eyelashes 60 bundles

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Item Type: Cluster Eyelashes
Length: 1cm-1.5cm
Type: Individual Lashes

Applying individual lashes takes patience and practise. Once you have nailed the technique though, it can be a quick and easy alternative to traditional strip lashes that are designed to provide a much softer, more natural enhancement and finish. They last much longer than standard strip lashes, making them perfect for long weekends away or holidays in which you want to look glam and wide-eyed at all times.
Simple and easy guide on what you need to apply individual eyelashes:
Individual lash Adhesive – it’s important you select the right adhesive, and don’t get a strip lash adhesive by mistake as it won’t offer the same results. Most of Individual Eyelash Adhesives are designed for a long-lasting hold of up to 10 days, and many are available in both a clear and dark tone finish.
Tweezers – pointed tweezers are best as they have a finer tip which is perfect for precisely picking up each lash cluster when removing them from the tray, and applying them later on.
Individual lashes of your choice – any pack of individual, cluster lashes will be fine to use following this application method. If you are a beginner however, we suggest starting with a short length lash. 
A Mirror – a good-sized vanity mirror will be perfect for this, just make sure it will sit securely on a surface that will be in line with your face and eyes in particular.
A mascara wand – to comb the lashes into place and blend the individual lashes with your natural lashes.