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Mobile phone selfie ring

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•Are you a passionate selfie lover or an active Instagram blogger? •Do you take pictures of your crafty makeup creations? •Isn't it daunting when you just don't get the right light?

We've found an easy solution for you!

•Get higher quality pictures and videos with these cute clip-on mobile phone selfie rings when natural light is not available.  •Create amazing content with this selfie ring light that provides the perfect lighting for taking selifes, doing makeup, creating tutorials, recording video, livestreaming and more.

With one clip-on easy to use attachment you can rock selfies anywhere - night clubs, parties, late night blogging, camping etc.

What makes it really functional:

- 3 different levels of brightness, so you can rest assured that you get perfect lighting for your shots

- 36 led bulbs that provide enhanced side lighting for photography whenever you are in limited light conditions

- compatibility with most i phone and Samsung models as well as many more less traditional models

The light has an anti-slip and scratch-resistant coating to protect your phone from incidents.  It needs 2 AAA batteries.