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Reusable makeup pads

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If you are one of those people who care about what you use and how long you can use it for and would love to contribute to environmental protection, then these simple reusable bamboo makeup pads is the way to go. 

They remove makeup with ease, are very durable (survive washing and tumble drying) but also gentle on your skin. They effortlessly wipe away makeup and leave your skin feeling smooth, clean and healthy. The bamboo pads are soft and relatively large so you can use one half of the pad for one thing, like cleanser, and the other for another, like toner.

- bigger than standard cotton pads

- good for gentle teenage skin, everyday routine care as well as for ageing skin

- easy washable (you just pop them into the mesh bag provided (so they don’t go missing in the abyss of the washing machine drum) and throw them in the wash with your towels to get them clean)


Top tip: did you know that according to statistics one organic makeup remover pads can be used up to 1000 times?? That is 1 pad being used once a day every day for nearly 3 years! There're 16 in the pack! So wipe away and think about substantial savings in your budget. 

It’s great for the environment, for your face, and for your pocket!

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