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PEARLY LOVE Silk Scrunchies With Pearls

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Wearing this scrunchie is a fantastic experience. A bittersweet one for some. Why? Coz on the the one hand, it makes you feel and look amazing, but on the other, it makes you realise how empty your life was before the scrunchies.  


Scrunchies are the perfect solution. Beautiful, simple, colourful and easy to style. Pulling a ponytail into a scrunchie twist is very satisfying. It doesn’t hurt, it just feels snug. And once it’s locked in there, it doesn’t budge. Plus, they’re pretty — like soft jewellery for your head.


So, are you ready? 

You can add as many pearly scrunchies as you need to your collection so as you know you've always got "that" perfect one for any occasion.